Balance Transfer at low rate

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Balance Transfer at low rate
Balance Transfer at low rate is a facility offering the customer a choice to transfer the outstanding balance of the loan availed for better terms & conditions. Balance Transfer helps to move from higher rate of interest to lower rate of interest or increase in loan component as Top up. BT is possible only from loans taken from approved by NHB for refinance, Banks or employer Loans taken from Central or State Government.

Balance Transfer can be availed by Resident Indian whether Salaried or Self-Employed Top Up Loan

Top Up Loan can be availed time and again for various personal requirement based on value of the property. It offers the customer additional funds against the security of the same property. To avail Top Up loan, the vintage of atleast six months is required for the loan availed. The basic eligibility emerges with good repayment track record. The end use letter is essential to be collected.

The End use of Top Up Loans can be
Furnishing of home
Consumer durable Child’s education
Daughter’s marriage
Family holiday

Any other personal requirement of the borrower provided it is not speculative or illegal in nature

This product is applicable to fully disbursed cases with no post- disbursement document pending

This product is priced more than base home loan rates but lower than any personal loan rates.

Top Up Loan can be availed by Resident Indian whether Salaried or Self-Employed. Loan on Phone

Factors affecting your Loan Amount
Sanction & Disbursal Documentation