Loan for Non Residential Premises.

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Loan for Non Residential Premises.
Loan for Non Residential Premises (Office Premises Loan ) can be used for purchase, construction, extension & also for improvement (at the time of acquisition of office premises. It creates an opportunity to extend loans to self-employed individuals to house their profession or business giving a permanent address for generating steady flow of income. The product can also include the estimate of renovation at the time of purchase of the property. This loan is especially meant for self-employed professionals like Doctors, Architects etc.

Home Loans can be availed by Resident Indian who are Self-Employed and also by Non- Resident Indian who are Salaried.
EMI Under Construction
EMI Under Construction is offered for structuring a home loan to enable individuals to commence his EMI in a partly disbursed under construction project. Commencement of EMI ensures re-payment towards principal amount leading to savings in interest and faster repayment of the loan. The EMI paid is as per the sanctioned loan amount and remains constant during the tenure of the loan. The tenure of the loan keeps moving up with additional amount being disbursed.

EMI under Construction can be availed by Resident Indian whether Salaried or Self-Employed and also by Non- Resident Indian.

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